In order to meet the expectations of both the business and academic World, our university has made various agreements in order to promote the concept of computer-assisted education. In this sense, it wat stated that one of the steps taken in direction is the finalization of cooperation protocol between Mikro Software and our university.

Within the framework of this cooperation protocol, many courses such as accounting, finance, financial reporting and analysis, human resources management and auditing, production management, enterprise resource planning can be delivered computer assistant. İn this context, it was announced that the training sets were installed on computers by the company, the necessary trainings were provided to the faculty members (academics) and the necessary preparations were completed to provide this training to our students.

With this cooperation, it was emphasized that the theoretical courses given in these fields are supported with examples from business practices and aimed to provide out students with ERP based process management skills.

İt was also stated that the students who have successfully completed the computer-aided courses will also be given a certificate by the company.

Tag: Our University Will Cooperate With Mikro Software Company