Dear Students and Respectful Guests;

At the Department of Management, our aim is, while raising the potential managers highly competitive in global terms, becoming a center of knowledge both in the local and national scales. In achieving this goal, the medium of instruction is English, along with various exchange programs and developing relations with the world of business to get experience and knowledge from competent managers and successful entrepreneurs. By this way, our main goal is raising the potential competent managers and successful entrepreneurs. Besides, consultantship and education services are to be presented through projecting by our academic staff.

Beginning from the third year class, the students can have the opportunities of getting expertise on their major field of studies.

The employment opportunities for our graduates are various both in the public and private sector. These include a wide range of positions from banking business, inspectorship, prefecture, financial consultancy, human resources management and marketing expertise. In addition, like those, it should be stated that there are high-profile opportunities of employment such as some important multinational corporations, Central Bank, Capital Markets Board, Undersecretariat of Treasury, Istanbul Stock Exchange. So, we would be glad to see you in our department.

Prof. Dr. Selami ÖZCAN

Chair, Department of Management

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